Top 5 Bathroom Tile Trends of 2017

Now that we are halfway through 2017, we can revaluate the biggest bathroom tile trends for 2017, and inspire you to get started on that bathroom renovation you’ve been dreaming of.  Since tiling trends have moved away from just kitchens and bathrooms, there are so many more opportunities to be creative with your tiling. You can start to branch out and use non-traditional colours and shapes or reinvent traditional styles to make your room stand out.


From fresh new shapes and materials to traditional tiles with a new twist this list of 2017 tile trends are sure to show the new demand for personalized unique designs in the home, including the bathroom. We are far gone from the days of only having a limited selection of tiles to choose from that we are now overwhelmed with the amount of choice available. Fear not, because we are here to bring you the freshest tile trends of 2017, to make your bathroom stand out and become a reflection of your style and personality.


Tiles are the staple decor of any bathroom reno and with so many different options and ways to use them we have compiled a list that suits everyone’s style. From minimalists to the most extravagant personalities this year’s tile trends have found something for everyone. The best thing about these tile trends is their versatility, each trend can be interpreted and executed in various shapes colours and sizes to enhance your uniqueness. Happy Tiling!


Colour Accent Tile


Geometric Tiling



Subway Tile


Patterned Tile


Marble Inspired Tile




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