Howard Macklin


The son of the founder of Weston Tile, Howard decided to leave his accounting career to start working at the family business full time in 1975 becoming full owner and President in 1991. During this time, he ran the business and took care of all day-to-day activities. Howard is now enjoying semi-retirement and passing his wisdom of the business to his son Toby who will soon take over all responsibilities as owner.

Toby Macklin

Part -Owner/Store Manager

Toby is the son of Howard Macklin and grandson of the founder of Weston Tile, Charles Macklin. He looks after the day-to-day aspects of the business including administrative work, managing all employees and helping on the showroom floor with customers whenever possible. Toby has taken over these duties from his father over the past couple of years in preparation for one day becoming full owner of Weston Tile like his father and grandfather before him.

Tony Vietri

Warehouse Manager

Tony has been a Weston Tile employee for around 30 years contributing to the amazing success of the business. Tony is the warehouse manager and looks after warehouse staff as well as all tasks that allow you to receive your tiles safely and on time. He handles the packaging, shipping, receiving and any deliveries. Tony is our resident installation and technical expert for all your tiling projects.

Mary Ferraro

Showroom Manager

Mary has shown throughout the 30 years of working at Weston Tile her tireless devotion and energy in playing a major roll in Weston Tile’s success. Mary manages our main showroom which includes taking care of everything from updating our huge selection of 5000+ samples to pricing and bookkeeping. She is the main “go to” person for designers and with her extensive knowledge of our products can have a project completed to fit any taste in record time.Mary also sources new tiles for the store and is always up to date with the latest looks and trends to bring to our Weston Tile customers.

Toni Garisto

Showroom Manager

Toni is another long-time staff member of 20 years and is an essential part of the Weston family.  She manages the downstairs showroom, working with contractors and designers who are looking for in-stock tiles as well as managing the sales people downstairs.  Toni also looks after any customers interested in the tiles that we have in stock as well as managing the inventory and supplies kept in the downstairs showroom.

Andrew Shaw

Sales Representative

Andrew has been a sales representative at Weston Tile for about 4 years helping customers pick their tiles from the showroom. He answers any customer questions as well as places tile orders for them and deals with any issues regarding their order. Andrew will help you pick your tile, order your tile and make sure you have the best experience when dealing with Weston Tile.