Our Client Projects

With over 5000 tiles to choose from we have one of the largest selections of tiles in North America. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff hand pick the newest and highest quality tiles from all over the world. We provide decorating advice and installation materials to help you transform your home. From picking a kitchen backsplash that complements your cupboards to...


Hardwood vs. Wood look-a-like Tile

A hot new trend lately has been the shift away from natural hardwood floors to ceramic or porcelain tiles that look like hardwood. With so many flooring options out there, you may have never considered fake wood tile. But if you have never considered it you are missing out, it allows you the elegance and beauty of hardwood floors without...


Top 5 Bathroom Tile Trends of 2017

Now that we are halfway through 2017, we can revaluate the biggest bathroom tile trends for 2017, and inspire you to get started on that bathroom renovation you’ve been dreaming of.  Since tiling trends have moved away from just kitchens and bathrooms, there are so many more opportunities to be creative with your tiling. You can start to branch out...